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Shelving and Material Handling

Shelving and Material Handling

Pacific Panel has been supplying the material handling industry with quality shelving, racking lumber, mezzanine decking and work bench tops since 1994.


We can custom cut any size wood for any size rack. Often your job can be cut in just a couple of days.
Shelving can come in many different forms. It can be raw particle board, MDF or plywood. We can also custom laminate the panels or edge band them to help dress up your racks.

  • Racking lumber is lumber that is cut to a desired length to fit into a pallet racking system. Many different types of dimensional lumber can be used, but the most common would be 2"x4" and 2"x6" lumber.
  • Workbench tops are one of our specialties. Depending on your application, we offer various thicknesses and overlays to give you exactly what you need. For light duty applications, you might choose a 3/4" thickness with a melamine or HPL overlay. Whereas a more heavy-duty application might require a thicker 1-1/4" work top with HPL or even hardboard. The edges of a bench top can be treated with matching PVC edge band, HPL or thick T-molding.
  • Pacific Panel also offers mezzanine decking material. There are a few options when deciding what type of deck you would like to use for a mezzanine. We stock both Sturdi-Floor T&G Plywood as well as PacDeck Moisture Resistant T&G Particle Board.
  • Sturdi-Floor T&G Plywood is 10% stronger than OSB with equal joist spacing. This means less deflection and bounce under your feet. It has a smooth sanded surface that lets you install another floor covering if you need it. Sturdi-Floor is also designed with a Tongue & Groove (T&G), so panels can fit together quickly and easily for even faster installations. Thicknesses available are 3/4" and 1-1/8" in 48"x96" panels.
  • PacDeck Moisture Resistant T&G Particle Board is a type of particle board with a special water resistant resin added to the panel to give it more strength, durability and, above all, moisture resistance. PacDeck also comes with a T&G edge for ease of installation. M/R decking is also far superior to plywood when using it on applications where carts and pallet jacks will be used. Thicknesses available are " and 1-1/8" in 48"x96" panels.
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