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Edge Treatment

Edge Treatment

Amongst our vast array of equipment, we currently house two straight line and two contour edge banders. Whether your parts are covered, radius, or straight, we can handle it. We can edge band with different materials, such as, veneer and PVC in thicknesses from .018 to 3mm thick.
We have six t-molding machines, enabling us to run any t-molding job that comes our way. T-mold is often used in parts, such as workbench tops and many various displays and store fixtures.
At Pacific Panel, we can also shape material with tongue and groove edges, as well as mill special details onto any materials edge. We have two industrial table sharpeners, so we can do edge details of all shapes and sizes.
Available Treatments: Straight Line Edge Branding, Contour Edge Branding, T-Molding, Painted, Special Detail, Tongue and Groove, Aluminum Channel

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