Painting and finishing

We have a large capacity, state-of-the-art, air filtered, spray booth to produce amazing furniture grade finishes for staining, painting, and finishing, There are many different options for painting and finishing, as well as so many color options available. Whether your parts need to stained, painted, or clear coated, we can definitely handle it.

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Preparation and details 

Every job that we process in our paint department goes through a rigorous preparation process. We inspect all parts for any defects, and fill any cracks or voids. Then the parts get sanded and inspected again after completed. Details and preparation are so important, and that is why we do so many checks and rechecks. This gives our customers the best quality parts guaranteed.

Quality Staining
& Finishing

We have the capability to handle just about any finishing or staining project.  We house two spray booths with air filtration and enclosures to keep dust away from finished parts.  Painting and Finishing is a skill that requires years of experience, and our crew has a combined experience of 60+ years in this field.  Our experts pay attention to details and make sure that every finished part is done to perfection.